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Trove - The Striking Voxel-Based Adventure MMO Game

Sitting at five million players on PC and Mac, free-to-play voxel-based adventure MMO Trove is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You might want to try free-to-play MMO, Trove, which is out now.

Trove is a sandbox game from Trion Worlds, dug from the same dirt as Minecraft, but built around a free-to-play MMO setup. Following the beta, the console versions have accrued more than a million players each, and the numbers keep growing.

It is striking visually. With its myriad of sharply contrasting coloured blocks, you can tell immediately that it's a whole universe away from Minecraft's earthy tones. After a brief opening cutscene the game opens up into a huge hub area in which you will find yourself every time you log in.

There are 14 different character classes to choose from and they cover almost all forms of combat. Picking one uses a class unlock token, so you may want to trial a few first to find a fighting style that suits you, although you can get more unlock tokens later in the game, so don't worry too much about that.

Being an MMO, the hub and the worlds you'll visit are populated by other players, and for the most part they're mainly just hitting dungeons. Dungeons are relatively simple and consist of a series of staircases, platforms, and rooms filled with mobs, culminating in a boss fight which will reward you with a large chest full of loot if you defeat it. There are some places that offer respite from all of the action; small plots of land called Cornerstones that act like small bases. These Cornerstones are blank canvases that can be built on to create a home away from home, somewhere to drop off your loot and upgrade weapons and armour.

The mining, building, and crafting doesn't stop there, as you're free to create just about anything if you're willing to put in the time. As we found during our repeated visits however, it's the lure of irresistible loot that will keep you hooked. Whether playing as a lone wolf, teaming up with friends, or joining a Club (Trove's guild system), the promise of better armour, weapons, or even a funny-looking hat will keep you dipping into the game.

You might want to try free-to-play MMO, Trove, which is out now. If you are, we're going to make your journey just a little bit sweeter with our cheap Trove items! If you want to buy Trove Flux, U4GM.COM is always your best choice.

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